On-Board Safety Cameras / Dash Cams

Record every journey effortlessly with a professionally fitted dash cam

All of the camera systems that SCOPE AUTOMOTIVE provide start recording your journey from the minute you start the engine.

On todays busy and congested roads of Britain and Europe, On-Board CCTV, more commonly known as a dash cam, is a necessity. Not only are they for safety but they also help to lower your insurance premium by upto 10% with selected insurers by proving your a safe and competent driver.

It works by discretely installing either a front facing/rear facing camera or both within the cabin of your vehicle. From the moment you start the engine the camera/s record all of the journey and store all of the data onto a built-in SD card.

What are the Benefits of a Dash Cam?

Research has found that new drivers feel more confident while driving when a dash cam is fitted as they are most vunerable to be wrongfully accused of driving offences or blame in the event of an accident.

Fleet / HGV Camera Systems

The HGV driver of today has to have eyes everywhere. At SCOPE AUTOMOTIVE we have the pefect solution. We call it the FORS COMPLETE CAMERA KIT.

What it Comprises of

4 x Cameras:

All of the images fed from the cameras are displayed on a monitor within the cabin in quad format, with the option to select between individual cameras.This allows the driver to see any hazards such as objects, people, cyclists or small children while in motion and carrying out maneuvers.

Add Side Scan for the Ultimate System

With side scan, ultrasonic sensors are fitted to the N/S of the cab with an audible buzzer fitted inside the cabin area to alert the driver of any obstruction or hazards in their blind spot when turning left.

Also an audible voice system can be added to alert pedestrians/cyclists outside that the vehicle is turning left to avoid serious injuries or fatalities.

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