Tow with peace of mind

At Scope Automotive we pride ourselves on being one of the best towbar fitting centres in the area.
Whether you’re after a towbar for business or leisure purposes we can supply and fit the correct one to meet your towing needs.

Package Deal

Reverse Sensors fitted for £99 when booked in with towbar fitment

Detachable Towbars

A detachable towbar allows the neck of the bar to be removed easily with the simple turn of a key and lock, allowing you to keep the factory look of your vehicle when not in use.

Fixed Towbars

A fixed towbar is exactly as it sounds, Fixed. The towbar is non-removable and comes in either a flange or swan neck fitment. There are also different types of towing balls available, each suited to a specific towing item.

Plant – is designed with a jaw and pin system to allow the hook up of most plant equipment while safely locking it into place.
Al-ko – is primarily used to hook up caravans ( please check the spec of your hitch)
Standard – is for general usage such as bike rack attachments and small trailers.

Choose your Electrics

Single Electrics

These are made up of a singular 7-pin electrical socket for the main function of operating your tailights, turn signals.

Twin Electrics

These operate Vehicle lighting, will supply power to certain items i.e fridge and maintain battery life in caravans.

13 Pin

13 pin is the new european socket with most caravans and trailers now switching over to this from the traditional twin electrics

Dedicated Electrics

Dedicated electrics work by programming the towbar to your vehicle’s factory systems such as the dashboard display, stabilty control programmes and reversing sensors ( powers them down when towing).

Lifetime Warranty

All of our towbars come with a lifetime warranty on both the bar and electrics. This includes a free annual service where we check the main integrity of the bar and condition of the electrical systems.
( please note lifetime warranty only applies if the vehicle is returned each year for service. If missed warranty void )

For further information on any of our services or products please get in touch through our contact page

Planning to visit Scope Automotive?

If you would like to come along and discuss your project in person, please could you get in touch to arrange an appointment. Please be aware that if you turn up unannounced, we can’t guarantee that there will be someone available to deal with your enquiry, and you may have to arrange an appointment at a later date. We always advise to call prior to visiting as we often work on-site, away from the workshop.