HGV DVS Camera Systems

All HGV companies entering London will need to install the DVS (Direct Vision Standard) for transport camera and side detection system including the turn left warning alarm. This system needs to be fitted to a HGV vehicle with a star rating of zero .

The system allows the driver to see down the blind side of the vehicle to see pedestrians and cyclists, but is also backed up with a side ultra-sonic detection system . All seen and heard inside via a monitor.

Our Fitted DVS Kits Include

Camera System

The system’s four cameras display on the original entertainment screen and records on loop mode for over a week to a fitted 1TB DVR recorder

HGV Camera

DVS for London camera system which allows the driver to see down the near side of the vehicle .

Side Scan Internal Display

This image shows the internal side scan system display.
The traffic light system
Green- safe distance
Amber-person close
Red – danger stop

How the Side Scan System Works

This image shows the side DVS detection sensor system range. The system alerts the driver if a person or cyclist is next to the vehicle via an in-cab traffic light display and warning alarm.

Dvs left/right turn alarm

Tanker reverse camera system with stainless bracket

HGV reverse camera systems supplied and fitted at Scope Automotive stoke-on-Trent

This hgv tanker reverse camera is linked up to an on board recorder system .

The recorder system records 4 cameras at the same time -front/rear/side left/side right and the data is saved up to 4 weeks on the dvr unit- incase of an accident etc

How Much Does a DVS for London Camera System Cost?

Prices can differ due to the size of the project so we don’t offer an all-in-one price. For further information on any of our DVS Camera Systems or for a quote please contact a member of the team on 01782 646 529 or email us at info@scopeautomotive.co.uk