Lighting Solutions

At SCOPE AUTOMOTIVE we offer lighting solutions and upgrades for privately owned vehicles or fleet vehicles.

Whether your after lighting to improve the look of your vehicle or for safety and usability while travelling or working on-site, we can accomodate all of your needs.

What Do We Offer

Commonly seen on most new vehicles such as the Audi models are Day running lights. These are the bright L.E.D’s seen either mounted in the bumper or built into the headlight cluster.

They provide other road users around you with clear visability of your vehicle during both the daytime/night time hours and in poor weather condition while also adding to the aesthetics of the vehicle.

If your vehicle does not have them and you would like to upgrade, the team at SCOPE can professionally provide and fit them.

If you happen to find an item online or your have purchased one already and require fitting only, we can carry this out for you aswell as sourcing products if required.

For further information on any of our services or products please get in touch through our contact page

Planning to visit Scope Automotive?

If you would like to come along and discuss your project in person, please could you get in touch to arrange an appointment. Please be aware that if you turn up unannounced, we can’t guarantee that there will be someone available to deal with your enquiry, and you may have to arrange an appointment at a later date. We always advise to call prior to visiting as we often work on-site, away from the workshop.